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Volunteer editorial positions with Journal of Critical Realism

Apply before 30 November 2022

Journal of Critical Realism (JCR) is the Journal of the International Association for Critical Realism (IACR), established in 1997 to foster the discussion, propagation and development of critical realist approaches to understanding and changing the world. It provides a forum for scholars wishing to promote realist emancipatory philosophy, social theory and science on an interdisciplinary and international basis and for those who want to engage with such approaches. The Journal publishes articles, review essays, review symposia, book reviews, debates and postgraduate interventions that relate in some significant way to critical realist approaches to understanding and changing the world. It is committed to encouraging work within the framework of or engaging with all phases of the philosophy of critical realism: original and dialectical critical realism and metaRealism. The Journal recognises the importance of diversity in expanding the range of contributions to critical realism. As such, we encourage applications from applicants across gender, race/ethnicity, sexuality, and ability.

In a period of rapid development of JCR, and in response to its continuing growth, IACR and the JCR Editor A/Prof. Leigh Price are seeking expressions of interest from enthusiastic and qualified people for roles on the Editorial Committee or to serve as Associate Editor. Both positions are for a 2-year term (2023-2024).

To Apply: Please send your Expression of Interest (300-word statement responding to this position description and focussed Resume/CV) to:

by 30 November 2022

1. Editorial Committee

The success of JCR has increased the need for an active and engaged editorial team to support the work of the Editor. The Committee will evaluate papers and support decision-making during the review process. For example, they will contribute to discussions about the general suitability of submissions against the ‘aims and scope’ of the JCR and the degree to which authors’ revisions have satisfied the reviewers’ requirements.

Potential members of the Editorial Committee should have good knowledge of critical realism and be open to engaging with submissions across broad disciplinary and theoretical traditions. Positions on the Editorial Committee are also open to early career researchers with a demonstrated commitment to critical realism. This is an opportunity to learn what is involved in the ‘art’ of journal editing and develop a strong service track record.


  • Attending typically 11 meetings per year (monthly) via Zoom

  • Reading of (blinded) submissions to the JCR and initial assessment of suitability to be sent for review (approximately 2-3 per month assigned to each editorial committee member)

  • Reading of reviewers’ comments and author revisions as required

  • Developing the JCR’s network of peer-reviewers

2. Associate Editor

In addition to the Editorial Committee membership, the Associate Editor will have a greater hands-on role supporting the Editor to establish and deliver the journal’s vision and manage the editorial process. Applicants should be organised and committed to following through on agreed tasks according to decided timelines. They should have a strong understanding of critical realism and be its advocate. They should be open to contributions engaging with all phases of the philosophy and offering a range of perspectives, even if not shared by them. This position is a pathway to consideration for future appointment as Editor of JCR. It would be helpful to indicate in the Expression of Interest if this interests you or not.

Additional commitment:

  • Working closely with the current Editor

  • Sharing of administrative functions, with permissions, on the JCR’s editorial management online software

  • Contributing to copy editing


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