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Annual Conference

The next IACR conference (including pre-conference) will be held 7th – 11th August 2023 in Manila, Philippines!

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From the 7th to the 11th of August this year, Ateneo de Manila is hosting the 2023 International Conference on Critical Realism featuring prominent social scientists and educators. The conference’s timely focus is on methodology. Its theme is:





The conference theme promises to be valuable to all those engaged in scientific and social scientific research, as well as scholars interested in methodology, the philosophy of the sciences, including faculty teaching Science, Technology, and Society.
We are now accepting submissions for in-person and online presentations by both faculty and graduate students. For more details, check out the conference website at:


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IACR has staged annual conferences since 1998. Previous conferences were hosted in :


  • International Institute of Social Science, Den Haag, The Netherlands (hybrid, 2022)

  • Rhodes University and University of Witwatersrand, South Africa (delivered online, 2021)

  • Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University, Warsaw, Poland (delivered online, 2020)

  • University of Southampton, Southampton (2019)

  • Inland Norway University of Applied Science, Lillehammer, Norway (2018)

  • University of Torino, Italy (2017)

  • University of Cardiff, Cardiff, UK (2016)

  • Notre Dame University, South Bend, Indiana USA (2015)

  • University College London, London, UK (2014)

  • University of Nottingham, Nottingham (2013)

  • Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa, (2012)

  • Oslo University College, Oslo, Norway (2011)

  • University of Padua, Italy (2010)

  • Universidade Federal Fluminense, Niterói-Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2009)

  • Kings College, London (2008)

  • Drexel University, Philadelphia, USA (2007)

  • University of Tromsø, Norway (2006)

  • University of Western Sydney, Australia (2005)

  • University of Cambridge, UK (2004)

  • University of Amsterdam, Netherlands (2003)

  • The University of Bradford, UK (2002)

  • Roskilde University, Denmark (2001)

  • University of Lancaster, UK (2000)

  • University of Örebro, Sweden (1999)

  • University of Essex, UK (1998)

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